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DATE : 2020.04.23

Zazen and Jiriki

This Saturday, I am going to host an online event collaborating with a chief priest of this beautiful temple in Kyoto and an owner of a company called “Zen and Wellness” to share Zazen and Jiriki Seitai.

Zazen and Jiriki

The participants will learn the theory of mindfulness meditation and Zazen.

Then I will share Jiriki Seitai which will help the zazen meditation practice, which follows after the practice.

Jiriki Seitai is a self-healing movement therapy.

Jiriki is a Buddhist term for “self-power” an ability to achieve liberation and enlightenment through one’s own effort.

Importantly JIRIKI SEITAI is also a “moving meditation”.

When we practice, we must observe and connect with our inner voice of the body and mind to accept as we are in the present moment.

Then through the practice, we apply the Jiriki method with slow and deep breathing to release the tension in all the parts of our bodies, and work on the alignment to bring our body and mind back to natural and relaxing state.

Meditation and zazen are very simple yet a powerful method, which requires to continue learning and practicing repeatedly in order to embody and integrated organically into our lives.

This learning method is called “聞・思・修”(Mon, Shi, Shu): Listen, think and practice.

We’d like to share still/moving meditation to deepen the learning/practice of ZAZEN and mindfulness to be supportive of your daily lives.