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DATE : 2020.09.22


ZAZEN + JIRIKI Workshop (Online/English from Seiken-ji Temple in Kyoto)10.03.2020 16:00-18:00(JTZ)

Sokan-san and I will be running a ZAZEN and Jiriki workshop. I am very grateful to be able to work with him to introduce Zazen and Jiriki streaming from a beautiful temple Seikenji in Kyoto to the world.

Sokansan, who is the chilef priest of this temple will be guiding sitting meditation(Zazen), and I will be sharing Jiriki Seitai in between to work on the body alignment and sitting posture in order to deepen the Zazen experience.

We are excited to share the Japanese still meditation (Zazen) and moving meditation (Jiriki) to approach our bodies and minds which the knowledge come from the monk’s experience of practices and training of many years from his masters in Japan.. and not by the book.

I will create a series of explanations and images both of Zazen and Jiriki in the next few posts. I first wanted to share the dates and time (because its coming very soon..)

I hope to share the moment with you wherever you are from the graceful and tranquil Seiken temple in Kyoto.

Please use the contact page on this website for apply.

ZAZEN I am the one who feels the sadness, frustration, and dissatisfaction. ‘I’ suffers by feeling “this is bad” because I am the one who observes, analyses, makes judgement, and evaluates the situation based on my experience and knowledge up to now.

The ability to make the judgement and evaluation of value, could eliminate the bad, seek better results to realize fulfilling lives and societies, and a better world could be the magnificent characteristic of us as human beings.

On the other hand, constantly having the “Value judgement” (thoughts) all day from morning till night could be overwhelming.It makes us feel that is the only measure that “I” has, and we are dissatisfied with ourselves with those unresolvable facts.

That also is a feature of human kind.Meditation and Zazen are the practices that enable the primal-being of ourselves to be in the present moment and space before having the value judgement.

By returning to the here and now without using the measure of experience or knowledge,the way we look at matters which previously gave us dissatisfaction will slowly be transformed.

The value judgement that is constructed by preconceived ideas begin to dissolve naturally, and a calm and clear consciousness will start to appear.

From then, the compassion that is indistinguishable from oneself and others will start to cultivate.

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