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DATE : 2020.11.16

Online : ZAZEN + JIRIKI workshop in English vol.3

Online : ZAZEN + JIRIKI workshop in English vol.3

12/13/2020 16:00-18:00(JTZ) 

@sokan_mongo_tardio Sokan-san and I will be holding ZAZEN and Jiriki workshop vol.3! 

 I am very grateful to be able to work with him to introduce Zazen and Jiriki streaming  from a beautiful temple Seikenji in Kyoto to the world again 😊🧡

Sokansan, who is the chilef priest of this temple will be guiding sitting meditation(Zazen), and I will be sharing Jiriki Seitai in between to work on the body alignment and sitting posture in order to deepen the Zazen experience. 

We would love to share the Japanese still meditation (Zazen) and moving meditation (Jiriki) to approach our bodies and minds which the knowledge come from the monk’s experience of practices and training of many years from his masters in Japan.. and not by the book. 

I hope to share the moment with you wherever you are from the graceful and tranquil Seiken temple in Kyoto. 

Please DM or email to to apply. 

(Donation based)