What is Jiriki Seitai

Jiriki Seitai is a self-treatment method aimed at improving and preventing chronic disorders. Unlike typical Seitai (Chiropractic) treatment, it is characterized by self-practice rather than being treated by therapists. It was created in 1989 by Yu Yagami, a Seitai therapist, based on the acupressure and Seitai techniques of Eastern medicine.

* Preventive medicine is a study of ways of thinking, ways of life, and ways of living to create a mind and body that will prevent you from getting sick and receiving medical care throughout your life.




Approaching the five health issues


Skeleton structure posture correction

Improve bad posture and release pain and stiffness



A way of eating to eliminate waste matter (Detox diet)


Eyesight recovery

Training eye muscles


women's health

Work on the sacroiliac joints


Habit improvement Life Style improvement

Restore autonomic nervous systems Arrange

Two treatments

Take the 90-minute program - Navigator’s classes etc.-

Remember Jiriki Seitai To practice at home




Yu Yagami
Born in 1953
Kwansei Gakuin University Sociology major Mass communication dropout
Acupuncturist and chiropractor
Director, Yagami Institute of Preventive Medicine
Jiriki Seitai creator

When he was in his second year of university, he woke up to the importance of preventive medicine and dropped out of college to study Eastern medicine. He has become an acupuncturist and started to treat patients.

After learning and practicing yoga in order to get a hint to create Jiriki Seitai, he has integrated it to create the foundation of Jiriki Seitai.

While treating patients as a Seitai therapist, he transformed the highly effective treatments into a body movement which patients can practice by themselves, and opened Jiriki Seitai classes after completed Jiriki Seitai movement in Nishinomiya. Since 2000, we began Jiriki Seitai instructor training and as of 2020, there are currently 433 Jiriki Seitai instructors in Japan and abroad.

He has written 25 books including his books "The Essene of Jiriki Seitai" by Shinsei Publisher. and "Jiriki Seitai for Relieving Pain in the feet and lower back" by Nobunkyo pubrishing. He also provide online training for students in remote areas.

BFA:Pratt Instutute
Fashion Design Graduate
Jiriki Seitai instructor qualification
MA:Central Sait Martins
Performance design graduate
Yoga Alliance RYT250
Yagami holistic Medicine lab.

Marie moved to the US in 2002. Pratt Institute Bachelor course completed. Won Outstanding Over Achievement award for her graduation show. After working as an intern in Universal's TV drama costume division, became a freelance costumed designer. Whist living in the fast-paced urban life in NYC, she realized the importance of self-care. 2010: Obtained the Jiriki Seitai instructor qualification.

Moved to England in 2012. After working in costume-related work, she completed a master's degree at Central Saint Martins University. Through the study, she has become interested in the relationship between artistic expression and therapy, and deepen her learning of bodywork and Jiriki Seitai.

2018 she obtained Yoga Alliance certification in the UK. After that, she has began to offer Jiriki Seitai classes and workshops in Canada, Europe and Israel.

Since 2019 she has moved back in Japan, and work as a member of the Yagami lab. Marie continues to develop the Jiriki method alongside her father, and has become an ambassador for Jiriki outside Japan.

EDUCATIONHow to learn


We have about 500 navigators in several locations throughout Japan and abroad, centered in Hyogo and Tokyo, where our lab is located. More than 15,000 students are learning in face-to-face and online classes. You can find a navigator near you on the official JIRIKI SEITAI website.

Navigator training

Navigator training course for professional JIRIKI SEITAI navigators. For one year, students will learn total health care, including the JIRIKI SEITAI Method, the SEISYOKU Method, and the SEISHIN Method, as well as techniques for teaching these methods. After completing the course, students will continue to receive training as navigators to continuously improve their skills.


Yu Yagami currently writes 26 books, and you can learn about Oriental medicine and JIRIKI SEITAI according to various symptoms and topics. "Facts of JIRIKI SEITAI," "JIRIKI SEITAI for Sound Sleep," "JIRIKI SEITAI for Sight Recovery," "JIRIKI SEITAI for Beautiful Weight Loss," etc.


We have published over 150 JIRIKI Newsletters for our members since September 1995. You can learn JIRIKI SEITAI through these newsletters and video streaming. Members can also attend lectures and training sessions in Tokyo, Kagawa, Fukuoka, and Hyogo.

PROJECTArea of activity


We provide personal coaching for professional and amateur athletes to improve their performance, prevent injuries, and unify their minds and bodies. We use alignment correction methods, meditation in motion, self-SHIATSU, and other approaches that differ from regular training to learn about body habits and help develop a well-balanced body and a stable mind for the games.


For overseas audiences, we offer online classes and navigator training in English. As of 2021, we have navigators who can teach in English in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. In addition, we have begun to spread JIRIKI SEITAI around the world, with on-site training in Israel.


We collaborate with companies, organizations, and yoga studios.


JIRIKI SEITAI's practical skills can improve the health of people working in companies. We arrange programs and hold events customized for the physical exercise of each industry sector. (Example: Event meeting with Sumitomo Life Insurance)


We offer seminars to help office workers with stiff shoulders and back pain at co-working spaces such as WeWork.


We offer joint workshops with yoga studios in various locations. (e.g. Kyoto Yoga Studio TAMISA, NADI Kitayama)


Through the web magazine "Women's Health," we introduce knowledge about JIRIKI SEITAI, including pelvic adjustments specifically for women's health.


Name Yagami Holistic medicine lab.
Representative Yu Yagami
Street Address 2-19-401 Ryodo-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo
Fax +81(0)798-55-6429
Business name IRIKI SEITAI
Business content Preventive medicine, Jiriki Seitai classes