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DATE : 2020.06.22


“I began practicing Jiriki Seitai when I experienced a knee injury when I was 17, which was four years ago. I now take Jiriki classes regularly and practice at home nearly every day.

One of the most important benefits of Jiriki is how it has given me a better knowledge of my own body. Now I can figure out the connection between the parts of my body that are tense, blocked and injured. I recognize the differences between my aligned body, my left body, my right body and the many other variables within me.

As a dancer, my body has become more resilient to injury. I have suffered from Osgood-Schlatter disease for many years’, but it no longer interferes with my dancing because, with Jiriki, I can manage it.

Male dancers tend to put their backs under a lot of strain because they’re always lifting females, but I am able to ease lower back pain quickly by applying the Jiriki method.

Now my body feels so much freer, and I can dance comfortably. Without Jiriki Seitai, I might’ve lost my love for dance altogether.

When you depend on other people to tend to and mend your body, it gets costly. With Jiriki, even if I am too busy to make it to a class, I can practice at home, which makes it really cost-effective.

Of course, it is nice to be massaged by others, but I find using Jiriki more effective because, through the practice, I have learnt what my body needs and what I need to work on – my body awareness has improved so much. 
Jiriki Sentai is effective, practical and efficient. Being able to heal your own body is the most useful thing, and that is what the practice has enabled me to do.”

by 矢上予防医学研究所