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DATE : 2020.09.10

Jiriki For “ Women’s health and Pelvis”

 I will be running a Jiriki Workshop in a beautiful Organic gym 🙂

The theme of the workshop is “ Women’s health and Pelvis”

Currently 70% of women suffer with PMS and menstrual pain. 

Unfortunately, people only know the temporal solution such as taking pills and pain killers in general. 

However, there are ways to correct misalignment of pelvis in Seitai techniques to ease the pain and discomfort. It is an approach to fix the fundamental cause of the problem. 

Living your life without menstrual pain and PMS can also mean easy pregnancy and smooth birth delivery. Furthermore, women with healthy pelvis alignment might not have menopausal symptoms later in their lives.

In this workshop I will give a lecture on the mechanism of pelvis and menstruation to understand the cause of the physical problems, and have a Jiriki session to fix the alignment. 

I would love for everyone (even if you don’t have the problem) to be aware that pelvis alignment and women’s lives are deeply connected, and to know that we can fix on our own alignment without having a therapist’s help.

Everyone also means MEN so that they can understand why women are having difficult time when(or before) they have  the menstruations to be kind and compassionate 🙂

This workshop runs in Japanese. 

However, I am giving an English Jiriki class about this theme this month every Sunday evening Japan time (Europe: afternoon, East coast in the USA: early morning) 

Let me know if you are interested 🙂 

Zoom JIriki with Marie

22:30 – 23:50 (Japan time)

by 矢上予防医学研究所