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In 2019, we have completed the first international Jiriki teacher training in Hyogo Japan, and currently we have 4 Jiriki teachers in the USA, UK, Netherlands and New Zealand who are able to offer Jiriki sessions in English.

Additionally, since 2020, we have started online classes via zoom. Here are how to book Jiriki online sessions, workshops, and requirements and application for a teacher training course.

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Our company started Jiriki Seitai Teacher training every year since 2000.
Currently in June 2021, 500 certified navigators are actively teaching in Japan as well as overseas.

Schedule for Intensive International Navigator training

Dates Coming Soon!
  • It is required to practice Jiriki Seitai through online or physical classes, or DVD once a week for at least 2 months prior to the training.
  • One of the aims of this training is to improve your physical conditions and postures to become a role model of Jiriki Seitai practitioner by the time you graduate from our intensive course.
Training Fee 150,000 yen
After certification
  • Every year,a fee of 16,500 yen is required to maintain the certification. This includes the display of your profile on Jiriki Seitai website, web Jiriki magazines every 2 months, and a discount of online classes.
  • Participate Jiriki navigator workshops at least once a year. (Navigator workshops are held every 3 months.) If you can’t participate in any workshop within a year, your certification is automatically taken away.


We invite you to become a Jiriki instructor if you are interesting in sharing the knowledge of Jiriki Seitai and preventive medicine to encourage people to become active, healthy, and independent individuals without a need of nurse care by taking care of their physical conditions on their own.


For current certified international navigators and navigator trainees can contact us from this contact point.


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  • Booking online classes and workshops
  • Cancellation of classes and workshops
  • Homework and practice report
  • Change and update of navigator profile on Jiriki Seitai website
  • Other inquiries

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